At The Bokaei Rug Gallery We Provide
Many Services:

  • Rug Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Installation
  • In Home Trial/On Approval
  • Delivery
  • Financing

Rug Cleaning & Repair

Proper care and maintenance of your rug will
greatly enhance the beauty and the life of your
rug. Dirt and mud accumulated in your rug over a
period of time will have a negative effect on your
rug by reducing its beauty and ultimately
destroying it. At Bokaei Rug Gallery, we
professionally clean and repair your rug at the
most competitive prices. We will also offer
Scotchgarding at  your request to protect the rug
from any staining from spills, pet accidents, mud,
and almost all liquid. Pick up and delivery services
are also provided. Please see some examples of
the work we have done for our customers.



Our Policies:

Delivery Policy

We at the Bokaei Rug Gallery would like our
customers to know that we can offer delivery
services for rugs purchased from us in all sizes.

If you would like your rug delivered, please let us
know so that we can apply the proper rate for the

On Approval Policy/In Home Trial

Here at the Bokaei Rug Gallery, we understand
that purchasing a rug can be a challenging and
hard decision to make. In order to make the
process easier for our customers, we offer an on
approval option.

Process: If a customer sees a rug that he or she
likes and is not sure if the size, color, or both will
work, then he or she can take it home and try it
for 24hrs. The process includes a customer giving
us a
Credit Card Account Number. Once this has
been done, no charges shall be applied to the card
until approval is given to us by the customer. If
the color, size, or both do not work, then the
customer can bring the rug back within 24 hrs. and
no charges will be applied to their account. If the
customer is still unsure if the rug will work, then
he or she may keep it longer after approving it
with management. Any rug kept for more than
four days may have a rental fee applied. Please
keep in touch with us so that we can better assist


At Bokaei Rug Gallery, we understand that rugs
can sometimes be an expensive asset to purchase
and paying all at once may be difficult or stressful.
Because we know this, we now offer interest free
financing. Depending on the price of the rug we
allow customers the option to finance their
purchase. Financing options allow customers to
pay the full amount of their invoice over time with
the minimum financing period of 3 months to the
maximum of 2 years. If you wish to finance your
purchase with us, please ask us about it when you
visit our store soon.